Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Too cute not to share

Here's G. riding in the swing. (L. was napping inside.) I just want to reach out and pinch her cheeks.

On another not-so-cute note, those towels...well, they're still stinky. They look OK, but they smell. Even after 2 washes with detergent and Borax. Now they're going through again with vinegar this time. Anyone have any other suggestions? I don't want to get rid of them because I use old towels all the time; they are too useful and I don't want to have to use the good towels to do the yuckier jobs. But, if they are going to continue to smell like a sewer... Bleh.


Angie said...

Throw them away!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Get "new" old towels at the thrift store.

Amy said...

I've had good luck with baking soda in the wash, soak, and then do a vinegar rinse.

Anonymous said...

I looked up in my cookbook from a small MN church the skunk odor remover recipe. It says:

1 quart peroxide, 1 cup baking powder, 1 tsp liquid dish soap. Mix all together in plastic ice cream bucket. Discard any solution left over. Can not be stored - will explode if put in sealed container. Use right away after mixing. Safe to bathe humans and animals in. Rinse off well.

I am guessing that the most of the vinegar is gone but just the stink remains after two washes.

another suggestion,
I wonder if the smell will be gone if the towels were left outside to air for a week.

good luck - I think there must be a solution out there - keep with it and let us know the outcome.

- EL

Anonymous said...

I only read the first post - Too cute not to share and for some reason thought you were talking about the towels you must have used to clean up the jug of vinegar that spilled on your little one a weeks ago. (I think I must have been looking at the cute photo) So - I wasn't thinking sewage until I read the Slogging out blog now (I had a worker over and was reading blog speratically). I even asked GB while we were on the phone if she knew any ideas - so she might call you with some - but I told her the wrong details. Good luck.

- EL

Melissia said...

Just noticed this, so I apologize if you have already solved this, I would try sunlight, or the enzyme cleaner that you get large from pet stores to remove pet stains from carpets. You could also try calling a carpet cleaning service and ask them what they use to get the smell of sewage out of carpets. Good luck.

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