Mental health day

That's what I am declaring today. We survived the weekend, though it all became too much for some members of the family long about 7:30 last night. I am happy to report that all three performances of Taming of the Shrew went wonderfully. I was very, very proud of these young people. I wish everyone could have seen it.

My children's choir's musical also went very well. Two weeks ago my hope was that they would be able to just get through it, but not only did they get through it, they did it very well. I always feel as though a huge weight has been lifted off my shoulders when it is over.

But having two shows, in two places, on the same day, involving the same families is a bit tricky and something I'm glad we don't have to do everyday. I came very close to making a spread sheet for us, the P family and the H-S family in order to figure out who was taking which group of children when. We managed though, and only had one moment of, "Oh dear, we don't have enough seats!" We solved that problem with a second trip.

My restful sleep didn't happen last night, though. I'm thinking the babies didn't have quite enough time with Mommy yesterday and J. and I paid for it last night. Both babies were up at least three times each (I lost track after a while). This is when I find the whole twin-thing the most difficult. One needy baby can be tucked-in next to you, but for two large, needy, likes-to-kick-her-sister-in-the-head babies this solution doesn't work. We're all up, all the time. Consequently, any thought-provoking, insightful posts aren't going to happen today. Actually, I'm not sure any thought more taxing than making the grocery list (and I'm not even sure how successfully I'll do that) will be happening today.

So instead, I will leave you with a picture of my toothless boy. He lost one of his front teeth on Friday and I think it's so cute. The other front tooth is pretty loose, so I'm expecting that one will be going soon as well.


Just Mairs said…
Yay for mental health days! We are still working on our final production of the year as we begin baseball and spring soccer season - I hear ya!

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