Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Just another day in the big ugly house

On one of the homeschooling email lists I am on, someone asked for people to post what their typical day looked like. This made me think about our typical day and I decided there is no such thing. Perhaps it's because this is tech week, but today has seemed a bit nuttier than usual. For instance, here is what my kitchen looked like this morning:

M.'s friend, AL, who is assistant director for the show came over to do M.'s hair and make-up. Since B. is playing a (very) old man, he needed a bit of make-up as well. He will also have a bald cap.
Even before the whole make-up studio took over my kitchen, M. had been to the church and back to set-up all the microphones I will need for my musical dress rehearsal later this afternoon. (She, B. and AL are my sound people for that show...because they're not busy enough.) I had been to the store to find M. socks to go under her costume. And I believe that some math and English happened as well.

K. has been having a good day because I finished the shirt I was making him with Lightening McQueen material. I'm not sure we will ever get it off of him.

G. and L. have been spending some quality-time in the playpen these days. They don't seem to mind it too much as long as I don't overuse it. (You can see that G. is thinking she may be about done.) I haven't used a playpen since B. was a baby, but is has become essential with these two, especially since the doors on my bedroom don't latch and L. has figured out how to open them. I will look up and discover two little pairs of legs disappearing around the corner. I bring them back, they cry, they crawl to the door, open it and try to make another escape. It's cute the first time or two.
And my house is smelling like bleach. J. decided to take the day off from work. Between doing B.'s make-up and leaving early to get to my dress rehearsal (he's the drama coach) it just didn't seem worth it to go into school. Instead he is very sweetly mopping the disgusting basement. Isn't he a great guy?
So, what's left for today? One dress rehearsal and then the three oldest children have bell choir rehearsal after that followed by dinner. And bed.

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