Grand Opening and giveaway!

I've finally done it and opened an Etsy shop. (On my sidebar you can see the link to it as well as some, um, all I have in the shop.) My fantastically creative sister-in-law (who designed this blog) also designed the logo and banner for my new shop. Plus, I have been hounding her with questions about how this all works. She is a seasoned Etsy seller and has been so gracious (and patient!) with her time.

So now to the giveaway...I am giving away a custom item of your shoes (summer or winter) hat...child's hat...your choice and your choice of colors. All you have to do is stop by my Etsy shop (trust me, it will take less than a minute) and then come leave a comment here about what types of things for babies or children you would be interested in seeing for sale. Be sure to leave a way for me to contact you if you win. I will leave the comments open until Sunday night and then will draw for the winner on Monday.

I realize the pickings are a little slim, but I plan to do a bit more sewing over the weekend. Plus, like all things, I find unless I just dive right in, nothing ever happens. I've learned long ago, waiting for everything to be ready means never beginning.

So, go find yourself a cup of tea and a cookie and pretend I am offering them to you as you walk around my store. Thanks for visiting...and thank you, Stef!

If you're having trouble finding the store, here's a direct link.


Jason said…
I think this is missing a link to your shop! (Clicking the logo just opens a jpg in a new window).

Can't wait to see it!
Amy said…
Congratulations! What a fantastic idea.
I think your sundresses are adorable- they make me want a girl!
Jason said…
Whoops...I never was a careful reader. I see now, link in the sidebar.
Paul T. said…
Cool! Good luck with it!
Rebecca said…
Fun. I love the dresses you made for the twins. I would also like to see hats that tie on or Velcro on; my daughter needs one for the summer but is awful about keeping them on her head.
sandwichinwi said…
I don't have any baby girls, so don't need to win the contest, but just wanted to say that you couldn't ask for more lovely models!

And they work for cheap! LOL

Blessings and good luck with your venture,
Just Mairs said…
i love those little baby sandals! Would love to see them in bigger sizes. If you made terry cloth bibs with a stretch opening for the head i'd buy them! (as opposed to the velcro or snap closures - the ones that are great big terry and just pop over the baby's head - kwim?)
Molly Belle said…
First of all, your girls are so cute and I love following your blog.

I would love to see the cute mats that you make your kids to play on. ( I think that you made some around christmas) They are so different than the other stuff that is on etsy.

Best of luck on your new shop!
Molly (josie's mom)

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