The past two days have been the type where many children find a really good imaginary game to play together and it keeps them busy for hours on end. It started yesterday when A. and P. made a fort in their room:

Not to be outdone, TM and D. decided to make two forts in their room:

But then K. needed to nap this afternoon and the forts had to be (temporarily) abandoned. So a new one was made on the third floor:

I love days like this. I love how everyone gets along; I love the uninterrupted play; I love the use of imagination. But, perhaps you have picked-up on the fact that I'm just a wee bit Type-A. I am the most relaxed when the house is neat and orderly. Having so many children has been a stretching experience for me on that front...learning to be content amid the chaos. And as much as I like "fort days", I also have to consciously remind myself that the mess is OK and to just overlook it. It will get cleaned up eventually; these are not permanent installations. And, there will come a day when I look at my perpetually neat and ordered house and wish the mess-makers were little again and doing what they do best.


debi9kids said…
I love days like that as well :)
(esp because it means no one is sitting around on a TV or game system, but instead using their imagination. NICE!)

ps Per your comment... to be honest, my kids don't eat dry cereal often either. It's mostly eggs for breakfast in our house these days.
Anonymous said…
I LOVE this! My kids make forts all of the time!!!
asian~treasures said…
Love the forts...says the mom who currently has one in the living room using the piano & couch. : )

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