K. loves cars and trucks of all sorts, but his very favorite cars are the ones from the Pixar movie of the same name. He saw it for the first time while we were in Arizona and he can't get enough of them. A day or so ago, A. was sitting in the kitchen and announces that K. would probably really like a game based on the cars movie. I agreed he probably would, but that I wasn't sure that one had been made. She pauses for a moment and says, "I should make him one." We then went on to do other things and I didn't think any more about it. That is until I came downstairs and found A. completing this game for K. It is based on Candyland (or Lollypops as we know it) and she made the color cards out of construction paper, found line drawings of the cars characters and made them into playing pieces, and found a plastic trophy to be the Piston Cup. The winner of the game is the one who draws the Piston Cup card.

I was impressed with A.'s follow-through and execution of her idea. Best of all, it is a playable game and one that K. can manage. Since he has discovered a love of games recently this is wonderful. The game options for non-reading children are pretty slim. Everyone has been pretty happy to play it with him since it is also a fairly short game to complete. And even if no one is around to play, K. likes to drive his car markers around the race track.


Anonymous said…
I need to show this post to my husband. It's overwhelming now that our kids are 4, 3, and almost 2, and he keeps saying he doesn't understand how people have larger families. I've been trying to tell him that later the "bigs" can help the "littles" and this is such an awesome example!
Anonymous said…
Evan loves the Cars movie characters, which is funny since he has only seen the movie one time about 6 months ago. Someone gave us a Max the truck that unfolds with a Lightening McQueen inside. He also has match box size LM and Mater. These are his favorites. He is by far the most imaginative/creative of my children. I guess I don't have the creative gene to pass on.
Too bad the boys aren't closer to share their love.
Kim Crawford
thecurryseven said…

This is going to sound like an advertisement, but I just had to say how much we love the folding Mac truck around here. TM and D each had one when they first came out and I think they have both been played with nearly everyday since. Plus, it managed to survive TM's first year home which was a period of his life where many things happened to 'break' in his hands. This was no small feat for a plastic toy. TM and D. still have them, but K. is the one who tends to play with them most these days.

It would be so nice if we were closer...and would be such fun to get the boys together. ...sometime...


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