Our trip, part 1: Heading West

We took the northern route to Arizona on our way west, through Iowa, Nebraska and into Colorado. Iowa has very nice rest areas, so we were able to stop and eat lunch in one of them on the first day. It was good we could since there was still quite a bit of snow on the ground.

The next day we made it to Colorado by lunch time. The welcome center near the border was staffed by many very welcoming ladies who descended on us en masse when we entered. The best question of the day was, "I'm wondering what type of group you are. You're not a family, are you?" The welcome center was not so welcoming that we were allowed to eat inside, but the sun was warm enough that we could picnic comfortably outside.



D. and B.


The second day was a bit shorter, as we were stopping in Denver to spend the rest of the day and night with my brother. We arrived in the middle of the afternoon so the adults got to relax and visit and the cousins got to play.

On my brother's deck. It was very sunny and the warmth felt wonderful after a chilly Chicago winter.

One of their dogs was quite taken with the babies and wanted to rest along with L.

The next day saw us on the road again, this time with a brief stop in Colorado Springs. All of our children love the Adventures in Odyssey radio series produced by Focus on the Family, so we stopped to pay a visit. In the Focus on the Family Welcome Center, there are kids' play areas and activities based on the the show. It was a hit with the younger, more rabid fans, in our family. There was a three story tall slide, climbing areas, a radio studio, stage and puppets, and a soda shop called Whit's End.


A. with L., waiting for lunch
After a night spent in New Mexico, we headed into Arizona. Lunch was eaten in a park in Holbrook which is also the home of the funny video store window.

TM, P. and B.

E. with G. and M. with L.

Tomorrow, our doings in Arizona. And to the Coys... I will post about our travelling tips later in the week.


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