Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Our trip: In Arizona

Here's a few of the highlights from our time in Arizona. First, we went and visited Casa Grande ruins. It was part of a larger complex built by the Hohokam Indians in the 1300's.

It was a beautiful day and the only one where the babies could wear short sleeves. This is L.

TM enjoying the chance to run around in the sun.

G. in her short sleeves and sun hat.

The whole crew, minus A. who was playing photographer. I have no idea what we are all so studiously looking at.

We also had a picnic in Papago Park. As you can tell, the weather wasn't quite as nice, but was still warm enough to be outside.

M., with a terrific view of the park behind her.


In the park is a small butte called 'Hole in the Rock'...I'm sure you can guess why. All the children had a grand time climbing up and around it. Here are the older seven in a small cave on the way up.

And here they all are again inside the hole.

A trip to the Phoenix Zoo was our last activity. We actually went twice. The first try we were completely rained out and had to make a dash for the van. The next day was much nicer...sunny and warmer.

TM (pushing L.) and D.


L. - As you can see, while it was sunny, it still wasn't quite warm enough for the babies to be out without coats.



P., D., B., K., and M.


His Hands His Feet Today said...

Great memories!!!!

Ann said...

we lived in phx for six years! thx for the memories!

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