At least I have a clean floor

"Oh no, Mommy! She's leaking!" shrieks TM as we are settling into our school work. My first thought was to wonder how on earth TM knew the baby's diaper was leaky and why it would warrant the dire yelling. It's not as though a leaky diaper is unusual around here. But then I noticed the river of liquid pouring out of the pantry where L. was sitting. My second thought was to panic that somewhere a pipe had burst and it was pouring water into the pantry. But then A. noticed that L. had grabbed the gallon of white vinegar and tipped it over. And because the lid hadn't been properly closed, it was now pouring vinegar onto the baby and all over the floor. We rescued the baby, boys ran to get supplies, and M., B., and I managed to mop up the mess while A. and P. attended to an understandably upset L. My kitchen floor is much cleaner now, though there is the definite scent of vinegar that accosts you when you enter the house. We aren't quite into the mobil-baby routine and closing the pantry doors has been added to the list of things we need to do to keep the babies safe. Some days these two girls make me feel like such a first-time mom.

On a completly unrelated and fairly random note, a friend of mine recently came across an old photo of our children from about six years ago. P. is so little!


Anonymous said…
Okay, all I can say is "Oh my gosh! Look at those two! I can't even remember when they were so small and cute and pinchable.

wow...does time fly...sigh...


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