Happy Birthday, A!

A. turned 12 today. I know I say it's a surprise every time each of my children turns a year older, but it is. Really, each and every one of them was just a baby. And then one of them does something such as turning 12, and I can't imagine how it happened so quickly. A. is turning into a wonderful young lady. She is smart and funny and has really become one of the older, helpful children. (She has been struggling to be one of the older ones for years...since she was, oh, say, two years old.) A. is my best organizer and has a better grasp of what family members have what clothes than I do. She could probably earn money offering to do seasonal/outgrown clothes switches for mothers who detest the job. There are so many things I like and appreciate about this girl that it's difficult to mention them all. So I will leave it at happy birthday to my sunny and giggly A.


Anonymous said…
That really is a great skill to have, being able to pull out the too small clothes... I kind of stink at it. Wish I could hire her!

Happy Birthday A! Hope your 12th year is a wonderful one!
established1981 said…
Happy 12th Birthday A!

emily said…
um, i think we could work something out here because swinging the whole organizing seasonally/size-appropriate clothes organization thing is stretching me at the moment. happy birthday!

--emily b.

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