Tell me again why we live here...

I have just returned from our branch library because I had to renew my library card. As I mentioned before, there had been a large movement to save the branch libraries from the budget chopping block. We had all been breathing a sigh of relief, because from all indications, the city council was willing to finance them for one more year while alternate funding was secured. Imagine my surprise when the librarian informs me that last night the city council did a complete reverse face and voted to close the branches. By the end of the month they will both be gone.

As my city services dwindle and my tax bill grows, I am starting to wonder why it is we live here. Well, there's the lake...that's nice in the summer. Though to enjoy the beaches I must buy $20 per person beach tokens. The schools are good, but that doesn't really affect us. It's very diverse, if you count overall population, but so are the areas to west and south of us. It just makes me wonder if putting our house on the market would truly be the worst thing in the world. (I'm pretty sure having a house on the market with 9 children would rank right up there, though.) I don't even have the satisfaction of voting against my alderman in protest, since mine was one of three that voted to keep the libraries open.

And it's February. And it's snowing. Bah, humbug!


Cuppa Jo said…
Wow . . . so it's finally happening. Goodbye South Branch. So sad.

I say . . . sell. Really, I do.

Come find a big ugly house (as per YOUR title) in my neck of the country.
Anonymous said…
Selling a house with three children was VERY difficult, so I can't even imagine it with nine. However, mine were all under three and I couldn't delegate much to them. It might not be SSSOOOO bad with older kids. Put them to work so that it's just a *little* bit bad.

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