Monday, February 22, 2010

Father and daughters

A friend of our is in charge of the Father-Daughter dance at her church. This is the second year J. and his girls have attended and it is great fun. (So I'm told.) M. couldn't make it this year since she was on a youth group retreat. But, P. and A. went and enjoyed dancing (with dance cards), games, party favors, and a chocolate fountain. B. and I scrounged some chocolate at home and enjoyed that with a movie after we got the littles put to bed. Kind of a mother-son movie night. The photo is of A. and P. with J. right before they left. You know it was a big deal since not only did P. allow me to do something special with her hair, but I was also allowed to add bows.

And because it's been several days since I posted pictures of the babies, here's some from yesterday. L. is in the picture on top and G. in the one below. G. was having a lot of fun with the fabric scraps I had left on the floor.
This morning the babies had their baby portraits taken. A photographer friend came to our home to take them. It was so much easier than with past babies when I took them to the photographer. I think they're going to turn out very well. If you go to her website, you might recognize the babies in the basket. They were so little!

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Lauren said...

I loved photographing G and L yesterday. They were so cute in their little dresses. I can't wait to share the images with you next week. Thanks for the link to my webpage! I appreciate it.

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