Public activism on MLK day

It seems appropriate that on the day set aside to celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr.'s birthday that we found ourselves standing outside the branch library near our home in near freezing weather. For what seems to be the umpteenth time, the city council is threatening to close the branches in an effort to save money. In my book, it's a penny-wise, pound-foolish idea. In a move that will save the city 1% of the total budget, the city council is willing to alienate the populace of the city.

We use the branch library multiple times in a week and the staff knows our children by name. I am so spoiled to live within a three minute walk to the library and since there are no major streets, even A. can go by herself. I hope the grass roots effort to save the two branches is successful. My children didn't quite get why we were standing outside in the cold for an hour. They knew it was to support the library and that there was free cocoa at the end (compliments of a local coffee shop), but had trouble grasping how their efforts would have any affect on grown-up life. If the branches are saved perhaps they will see how even small efforts can serve a greater good.


DrKeithCurrie said…
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LawMommy said…
I hope you are successful in saving your branch. They have recently drastically cut back the hours at the public library near our home, and it's very frustrating, but it's better than having the branch close down completely. :-(
Angie said…
Saw you in the Roundtable today! Way to go!

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