Play dollhouse me

When I was pregnant with P., A. hoped and hoped that the baby would be a girl so that her new baby sister could, "Play dollhouse me". A. was so excited when P. was born and she had a dollhouse-playing sister. It was a bit of let down when A. discovered it would be a while before P. was quite able to play dollhouse. In the ensuing 9 years, A. and P. have become quite the dollhouse playing pair, often with A. running out steam long before P.

So how sweet is it to discover this this morning? Four sisters all playing dollhouse together.

A., L., G., and P.

(P. is philosophically opposed to smiling for cameras.)

L. and G. (in hat) -- Putting things on the babies' heads has become the newest past time for brothers and sisters.


They (all are) so cute!!!!
sandwichinwi said…
Seriously, you have the most beautiful family!

Stevens Family said…
OMGness, so precious!! The babies are growing up so fast!! Adorable pics :)

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