Friday, January 08, 2010

G. and L. go to the theater

Yesterday the babies, middles, and I went to see one of the dress rehearsals for As You Like It. It was the only time I would get to see the show since I can't leave the babies for more than an hour or so at a time and at night they tend toward crabbiness. I knew there would be enough free hands at the rehearsal to hold them if needed so I could see the show. They were amazing audience members. For the entire first act they sat on A.'s and my laps and just stared and watched without a peep. The other adults in the room found themselves as interested in watching the babies watch the show as they were in watching the show themselves. And since it was photo day for costumes, they also had their picture taken:

They dressed up for the theater in one of their matching outfits since they don't get out much. L. is on the left on G. is on the right. (To me they look less and less identical.) The second half didn't hold their attention quite as much. G. was walked around the lobby a bit and L. had a little snack to make it through the second half. They still don't hold the family record for youngest to see a Shakespeare play, though. B. holds that record, having attended (dragged?) to see As You Like It (again!) when he was a month old. In my defense, it was outdoors at the Kentucky Shakespeare Festival and his aunt was playing Rosalind. J., J.'s mom, and I took turns pacing/nursing with him back behind all of the audience for the duration. M., at 2 1/2, though sat through the whole thing and could, for years, tell you all about it. It's kind of funny she is now in it playing Phebe.

It's a good show and the costumes are fabulous. Go see it if you can.

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