A distraction

The son of good friends of ours is currently in surgery having a bone graft done on his cleft. It's been three hours so far and they're still waiting to hear news of how the surgery is going. I'm finding the need to distract myself a bit before I go bring their other children to our house for the rest of the day. So, as something to do, I am posting a video we took of TM and D. last night as they were being silly before bed. Nearly all of our children love to come down stairs this way. I don't know why; J. and I think it would hurt.

We are also in the midst of another tech week; M. (as Phebe) and B. (as Adam --cast again as a quirky old man) are in As You Like It this weekend. I love the end product after the week of intense rehearsal, but, boy, I don't like the week itself. If anyone is in the area and would like to see the show, email me and I will give you details. thecurryseven at sbcglobal dot net

Edited to add: He's out of surgery and everything seems to have gone well. If he's feeling well enough, he may even get to go home tonight.


Ann said…
That's amazing about the recovery time for the bone graft! They probably have a better surgery now--our dd had a terrible time with that surgery!

As far as the stair sliding--ouch!!!! My kids do "mattress sliding" It was something invented by their brother and I never knew anything about it for the longest time--he would let them do it while he was babysitting! And yes, they took mattresses off the beds and put them down the stairs for a big slide! I think I will have to blog about it because it is the ONE thing Vu has requested as a birthday gift--for me to allow him to mattress slide (I think it's dangerous!!)
Carol said…
That's cute! That's how our kids go down the steps all the time. In fact, Daddy taught them to go down that way when they first started to go up and down stairs. They love it! I'm amazed how fast they can go sometimes.


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