Saturday, December 05, 2009

Tackling Mt. Everest

of laundry, that is. Do you have any idea how much laundry a family of 11 makes in one week? By the time you factor in clothes, towels, cleaning cloths, and sheets, it's a significant amount; we're talking a pile several feet tall. I had avoided the laundry ever since we returned from Thanksgiving, so that has been my project for today. Things were getting desperate...the supply of underwear is not infinite. And just when I think I finally have everything sorted into laundry bins, I go back downstairs to discover someone has thrown a new pile down the laundry chute. This little game has happened three times already today. Where was all this dirty laundry living? Were my children hiding it and keeping it for a surprise? Or does it just, as I have always suspected, multiply all of its own accord? My overly fastidious children aren't helping, either. Just now I went into the younger girls' room to discover A. changing her sheets. I'm all for changing sheets, but considering the amount of laundry I've already done and what is left to do, I think she could have waited a week.

To make all you who have your laundry under control (and even those of you who don't) feel better about the laundry in your life, I really should have taken a before picture. Unfortunately, I didn't think of it until after I had it all (well, except for A.'s dirty sheets and the basket full of dirty laundry I found in B.'s room) sorted and the first 5 loads done. So, instead of a picture of a frighteningly large pile of laundry, I will share a picture of two cute babies from the morning.

L. on left and G. on right


Hank said...

I used to drop all kinds of nine laundry items down the chut
e! Even a cat. Hey I was a kid and it was a soft landing!

Just Mairs said...

Thanks so much for the alternate how much laundry 16 people generates, I suppose I could imagine that of kids dream of a laundry chute that goes down - and then takes the clean laundry back UP. And I totally hear ya on the why oh why did they choose today to change the sheets deal.

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