Merry Christmas, part 2

Some scenes from Christmas morning...on to the presents:

I can't stand mess, so it's one person opening a present at a time, followed by cleaning up the wrappings. Only then may we move on to the next gift. It takes a while to get through all the gifts this way.
L. looking at her gifts...

And G. looking at her top. (Grammy is great at parity, both girls received the same toys.)

K. and TM playing with the play mat M. made for K. She made it out of's her own design. K. has played with it a lot.

D. and TM putting together their big Lego sets. This is how they each spent 3 hours on Christmas afternoon. Both boys were able to put together their sets with little help.


Ann said…
Laughing at your comment about how you don't like messes. Yet you have nine children??? Oh, God has a great sense of humor, doesn't He? Perhaps a bit sadistic but FUNNY!

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