The weekend, part 3

And now we're back to Friday. The day began with a little pumpkin carving...



A., K., and P.

In the evening, it was then time to move on to celebrating TM's birthday. His actual birthday is the 31st, but with everything else going on that day, I think it's nice to celebrate it on its own the night before. TM turned 7, and has now celebrated more birthdays with us than with anyone else. Our children get to choose what kind of birthday cake/pie they want and this year TM chose a chocolate cheesecake. There are no candles on it; B. is following me holding some for TM to blow out. Have you ever tried to put candles in a cheesecake? Don't.

Here is TM before he opened his gifts. His wants were very simple this year. He asked for a kick stand for his bike and pudding. Yes, pudding, the pre-made kind that comes in a little plastic container. My children think pre-made snacks are kind of exciting because we never have them.

TM received his pudding, but not the kick stand. (The store J. was shopping at was out.) But we went the kick stand one better and gave him a skateboard. TM has been in love with skateboards since he came home at three, but since self-control has been an issue we've never felt comfortable with him having one. He has matured a lot and we decided to try it. You can see how much he liked it by his smile. We'll see if we live to regret the thing.

This has been TM's best birthday yet. The time surrounding his birthday has always been a bit difficult. Something about the anniversary causes some regression in the behavior department, and this year was no different. But it was better than past years and by the time the actual day he had regained most of his equilibrium and the celebration was very calm and enjoyable. In fact the whole weekend, as nutty as it was, was navigated with nary a great big noisy fit.

Anniversaries involving TM always cause me to think about what we've been through together. Consequently, I've been thinking a lot about attachment these days. Not about TM to us, but about me to TM. Discussions about attachment always feel a little one sided in the adoption world, and I think more needs to be said about adults attaching to children. But I'll save that for later in the week.


SueCQ said…
Hi! I follow your blog, but rarely comment. We came home 8 months ago with our 8 yo son, Hung. I will be VERY interested to hear your thoughts about "adults attaching to children". BTW, your babies are ADORABLE!

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