We survived the weekend!

I'm still standing...well, at least sitting upright. In the past three days we've celebrated a birthday, driven 5 children to another birthday party, trick-or-treated (the youngers), produced dramatic forms of fairy tales on the front lawn (the olders), finished 2 baby dresses, hemmed 1 pair of pants, ironed three shirts, made a triple chocolate cheesecake, made 2 carrot cakes, had a baptism/christening/dedication for three children, hosted dinner for 28, hosted a luncheon for 33....on top of the regular weekend stuff...cleaning the house, doing laundry, teaching Sunday school. Are you tired yet? I'm a bit worn-out myself. It was all great fun and I have lots of pictures which I'll share over the next few days. I wouldn't want to do it every weekend, though.

I'll take it one event at a time, starting with the most recent. K. and the baby girls behaved admirable during the service. We even managed to connect the right name to the right child. I did have moments where I worried we would get the girls confused. But, on to what you really want...pictures:

The whole family after the service.

It's a party! Some of the 33...24 of whom were children.

K. -- He's wearing the outfit we bought in Danang, VN when we adopted TM. TM wore this when he was baptized.

G. on left and L. on right

Moments later when they tired of the paparazzi.

The much labored over dresses...remember you can click on the picture to make it bigger, Mom. For all of you who sew out there, I am inordinately proud of those little, bitty, teeny, weeny set in sleeves.

Close up of the bodice of L.'s dress.

Close up of the hem of G.'s dress.


They are BEAUTIFUL!!!!!!!!!!!
Congratulations :)
Stevens Family said…
Oh they are so beautiful (the girls and the dresses). Looks like a lovely day!
Heidi said…
Impressive sleeves and embroidery. And cute babies and kids.
Anonymous said…
Well done on the dresses. Those will be a family treasure for years to come.
It sounds like you might need a vacation after all that busyness! Maybe just a down week at home!
Anonymous said…
It was a privilege to watch your family up there. Judy S & I got tears in our eyes watching your three precious children baptized. I liked how you match K in colors. Everyone looked so sharp. The girls' dresses are adorable. I am glad you told me I could click on them to make the photo bigger. What a special weekend.
Elizabeth L.

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