Monday, November 23, 2009

Time for more baby pictures

Thanksgiving is quickly approaching and I am (or really, should be) elbow-deep in dough for 9 dozen rolls. So, I'm taking the blogging version of the easy way

B. with his babies. L. on left and G. on right.

L. on left and G. on right. They were in matching dresses until L. had a diaper incident.

These are my newest creation for the girls. I am working on a second pair which I could finish if the growth spurt the girls are in would ever end. They will have a different cupcake design on them. I'm just a little proud of them since they are the first thing I've ever sewn for which I made the pattern. They're even lined with flannel on the inside so they are soft against little legs.


sandwichinwi said...

The booties are ADORABLE! You did a great job!

Nice babies, too. LOL


Stevens Family said...

Yay, more baby pictures!! They are just precious!

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