Monday, November 30, 2009

I'm not Super Woman

even though I sometimes forget that little fact. I'm always over estimating what I can get done in a day/week/month, and the problem has only gotten worse with nursing two babies. I can't decide if I'm delusional or just overly optimistic. Either way, I just don't have the amount of time available that I think I do. This really is leading somewhere, I promise.

Every year for the past 12 years, J. and I have hosted a large Christmas party. We enjoy doing it and love having a chance to visit with friends. I don't think we've ever sent out less than 60 invitations. As the date for the party approached, I found I wasn't thinking of it as fondly as I have in past years. Actually, the word fondly shouldn't be considered at all. I was closer to dreading it. Not the actual party, but all the preparations it involved. It finally occurred to me that we don't have to have it this year. So we're not. It is a huge weight lifted off my shoulders and I feel as though I can enjoy the Christmas season now. It makes me wonder what else I can jettison in order to make my life feel calmer.

In other family news, we had a wonderful Thanksgiving last week. We always spend it with J.'s aunt and uncle and much extended family. I think the total number of people this year was 33.

E. with L. on Thanksgiving.

Every year, there is a huge bonfire. I'm convinced that some of my boys think the whole point of Thanksgiving is to set things on fire. I never made it out to the fire this year...those nursing babies, you know. But I hear it was very hot to be close to. Here's some pictures:

TM and P.

And a cute picture of sleeping babies (L. on left and G. on right) in the hotel room. The picture is somewhat ironic given that they didn't do much sleeping in the hotel room at all.

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Angie said...

Some of us still think you are superwoman - Christmas party or not.

You inspire me!

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