Crochet confessions

My obsession with sewing for the baby girls continues. Here are a trial set of soft baby shoes for them. I wasn't sure how they would turn out, so these are made from some acrylic felt I had lying around. Having practiced, I'm now ready to use the wool felt I made from some thrifted wool skirts.

They were pretty easy to make until I got to the crocheted laces. You see, I don't crochet. I can do a lot of other crafty-type things...sewing, knitting, embroidery. I can even spin wool on a spinning wheel. But crochet? It's just one of those things I don't do. (It's right up there with making jello, but that's another post.) My grandmother tried to teach me once (to crochet,not make jello), but when I couldn't hold the hook the proper way she gave up. After that one attempt, I never tried again. My desire to finish the shoes made me overcome my crochet hang-up and I can now crochet a single chain thanks to a brief lesson from a friend. M., A., and P. were amused at my efforts since all three of them can crochet single chains at what seems to me to be the speed of light. (Obviously, I did not teach them this skill.) I did get faster by the fourth lace, but I'm pretty sure I'm not holding any part of it the correct way.


LawMommy said…
Those are gorgeous.

I cannot knit, crochet or sew much more than a button back on.

I can (and do) make Jello. I am so skilled at Jello making that I am regularly asked to bring it to family gatherings...(yes, I am making fun of myself).
thecurryseven said…
My children might happily trade all my crafting skills for an ability to make jello. They LOVE jello and rarely gat it. :-)

Heidi said…
Adorable! I'm with you--I can sew, knit, even make Jello, But not crochet. I'd like to learn, as there are lots of cute things to crochet out there.
Anonymous said…
Pete will happily offer you Jello-making lessons. Especially if you promise to make it for him sometime. He would maybe offer to clean something, or fix something, if you made him jello.
Stevens Family said…
Cute, cute, cute!

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