Friday, October 16, 2009

Where does the time go?

I am well aware of the aphorism that in raising children, the days go by slowly, but the years go by at the speed of light. Or something to that effect. Knowing something, though, does not make it any less shocking when it happens. Tomorrow, M. takes the PSAT, which means that in less than a year, she will take the SAT and ACT. And you know what happens after that don't you? The next thing I know, we'll be loading her stuff into the van and dropping her off at college. Yikes! (Note to self: do NOT start sniffling now.) To make matters worse, B. has been very interested in all the college websites M. has been perusing and I'm realizing he is not very far behind.

But at the same time, while life is moving just a bit too quickly for my two oldest, my two youngest insist on nursing. A lot. Which gives my days a rather slow feel. (Well, slow that is, until I realize it's 4 o'clock and the only thing I've accomplished is nursing, correcting some math papers, and, if I'm lucky, throwing in a load of laundry.) It's as though I'm living in a bizarre science fiction movie where I'm living in parallel universes at the same time.

And now a few updates on various family members: G. and L. turned 4 months old yesterday. They can both laugh out loud and the favorite activity among their brothers and sisters is to try to elicit laughs. They are such happy, funny babies...except when they're hungry, and then they are sad, pathetic babies.

K. saw a pediatric dentist yesterday, which went well. The most surprising news is that, despite his cleft, he has the correct number of teeth. This is fairly unusual, and not what we were expecting at all. This good news was countered by the corroboration by the dentist that K.'s tonsils are ridiculously large and could be harboring bacteria. (Thus explaining the horrible breath K. sometimes has.) I'm starting to see the writing on the wall that a tonsillectomy is in his future. Bleh.

And one last note...don't forget to comment on the giveaway post. Right now your odds are looking pretty good that you have a chance to win something.

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Anonymous said...

Praise God K has the correct number of teeth. What a blessing this is - we were all praying when he was living so far away and now this isn't even an issue. What a wonderous God we worship.


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