Too busy to blog

Why is it that everything always seems to end up on the same weekend? And why do I add to the craziness by deciding to take on huge projects such as making G. and L.'s christening/dedication/baptism (fill in with what you are comfortable with) dresses? That is the bulk of my sewing, since most everyone decided on wearing an already existing Halloween costume. I only have to make P.'s. (She is going as a chimney sweep...which has the effect of causing B. to whistle 'Chim-Chiminy' almost non-stop.) On top of the girl's and K.'s christenings and Halloween, we also have TM's 7th birthday as well.

So, instead of blogging, I will be sewing, nursing, baking, nursing, shopping, nursing, cleaning, nursing... I can't even leave you with pictures of the cutest babies in the world because the memory card on the camera is full. Which is another thing that must be taken care of before the weekend. Ugh.

If I'm still standing by next week I'll have a host of pictures of far too many family events to share with you.


Good luck with your busy schedule! Hope things go well.
Joanne said…
Hi E, Whenever I feel overwhelmed I read your blog and think if that woman can manage as much as she does surely I can do - fill in the chore - and take care of one child (as opposed to nine). You're an inspiration.

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