Thursday, September 03, 2009

Owl Babies


One of my favorite picture books is Owl Babies by Martin Waddell. The three owl babies in it are so cute with their big eyes, thinking, as they wait for their owl mother to return. I've taken to calling G. and L. my 'owl babies' because they remind me of the pictures in the book. They look like they think a lot, don't they?
The babies have also started to sleep more. Going to bed at a reasonable time is still not their forte, but once they are asleep I can count on at least four or five straight hours. After weeks of an hour or two at a time, this feels wonderful. They have been sharing a crib, and often sleep in exactly the same position. (I hope you can see this, for obvious reasons we didn't want to use a flash.):

And sometimes sleepiness is contagious. We call it 'baby dust' around here.
Today, L. had an ultrasound on her kidneys. If you remember, in all those ultrasounds I had during the twins' pregnancy, her kidneys were always showing up as being dilated. If it did not resolve, she would need surgery to correct it. I'm happy to report that only one kidney is very slightly enlarged at this point. It looks as though the issue is resolving by itself and won't need surgery. She will have a follow-up ultrasound next year just to be sure. But now, I'm very thankful that all I need to do at the moment is enjoy my babies. God is good.


Ann said...

I am going to have to stop reading your blog. You are seriously making me want another baby! LOL! You are so right to enjoy each precious day with your little owls. Speaking of fav. books, do you have "The Seven Silly Eaters?" Nothing to do with owls but a fun one for large families.

thecurryseven said...

We love "The Seven Silly Eaters" here as well. It's Marla Frazee's illustrations which make the book...I love watching the house become more 'lived in' as children are added.

Mike and Katie said...

We love Owl Babies, too! The moment when their mother swoops in swift and silent and the babies bounce up and down for joy- priceless.

I've enjoyed reading your blog. I came over from His Hands His Feet.


Stevens Family said...

Love that last pic; so funny! The girls do look like they think a lot :) Precious!!

PhoWises said...

Maya loves Owl Babies. She has part of it memorized: "I want my Mommy!"

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