Tuesday, September 15, 2009

3 months old

G. on left and L. on right
It is impossible to get a good, smiling picture of both of the girls at the same time. One of them always ends up looking goofy. Anyway, G. and L. are three months old today. They have settled quite a bit and often have periods of happy attentiveness. This is a significant improvement over just needing to eat whenever one of them was awake...or crying because the other one was eating. They are also sleeping better. Their bad nights are now better than even the good nights were when they were first born. I'm not caught up on my sleep yet, but it is getting better.
Everyone has been asking me how I manage to homeschool the other children when I have two infants. Frankly, the homeschooling/infant part is easy. I can nurse and correct math, or explain sentence diagramming, or read a book while I'm nursing. What's trickier is the house stuff and infants. It's harder to nurse and sort laundry at the same time. The 3 year old and homeschooling is also a challenge. K. is rather, um, curious, shall we say? He really needs constant supervision. Babies stay where you put them, toddlers don't. I'm not sure why people don't ask about that aspect of my life.
But back to the babies. Even with the lack of sleep, they are sheer joy. I never tire of staring at them or holding them or smelling the tops of their heads. I am incredibly blessed, really doubly so. There is the wonder of the babies but there is also the delight I have in watching my older children with them. Never have two babies been so loved. God is good.

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His Hands His Feet Today said...

They are SSSOOO cute!!!!!!!

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