Very curious

We have a slight mystery on our hands. A couple of days ago, I hung some towels and swimsuits on our clothesline to dry because they had been left outside during an overnight rainstorm. I kind of forgot about them then, very occasionally thinking I should bring them in. Then yesterday, when everyone was getting ready to go to the beach, P. and TM couldn't find their suits. The suits weren't on the line, weren't in their dressers, weren't in the laundry...they just weren't anywhere. P. and TM did have second suits to wear, but neither of them was happy about having to wear them. The more I thought about it, the more I was convinced that they were two of the three suits I had hung up. A.'s was still there, but the others were gone, leaving empty clothespins in their place.

So here's the mystery: I don't think they blew off, because I hung them properly and the wind just hadn't been that strong. And A.'s was still there, which I didn't hang as well. Plus, all the towels were still hung up. The only other possibility is that someone came into our yard and stole those two suits. But why?!? TM's was just a pair of swim trunks. They weren't anything fancy. P.'s is a little more understandable as it was a very nice rash guard suit. It's all incredibly annoying. I think P. can get by with what she has, though she is so fair-skinned I really liked her wearing the more protective suit. But, TM really needs a suit that fits better than his auxiliary one. I'm hoping I can find one at my favorite thrift store, but going shopping for items I thought I already owned was just not on my list of things to do this week!

Boy, I hope whoever has those suits really, really needed them.


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