Pictures from the beach

J.'s aunt and uncle have a summer home on Lake Michigan to which they graciously invite us each year. We enjoyed time on the beach...

and picking blueberries...

We actually took home 4 1/2 buckets. They are pesticide-free and I paid less than $40 for all of them.

Buckets still seem to leave K. a bit confused as to their purpose.

The babies are more alert and smiling...



The sky chair is very relaxing, until, that is,

it falls down because the old rope broke.

Frresh corn is always good...

and games are fun.

And when one gets tired of all those things, there's always dune grass in which to decorate your little brother.

Thanks for the great weekend Aunt G. and Uncle W.!


Mrs. Deem said…
What a beautiful, beautiful family! I just started following your blog. I've been reading past posts--and have especially enjoyed the ones about homemaking. Thanks for sharing your life!
Ann said…
Even tho I KNOW you have a lot of kids it's not until I SEE so many that I realize . . . You really DO have a lot of kids girl!!!

Glad you found the suits--we have the same person who lives in our house called "Mr. Nobody." He not only loses things he also eats things and doesn't flush the toilet!

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