Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Mystery solved!...with a moral

I found the suits! They were in the pile of laundry that had piled up over the past couple of days. I'm so glad I found them before I went out and bought new ones. The moral of the story? Never trust children's "looking" abilities. I should know this. At least once a day, someone loses something and can't find it anywhere. Yes, the child assures me, I have looked everywhere and it can't be found. This is often said with a tone that could possible imply that the item is so precious, that I, as caring mother, should have done a better job of keeping track of it. When I go to look, 9 times out of 10, I can immediately put my hands on the lost object merely by lifting things up and looking underneath. So why, why, why, did I think that these same children would be capable of sifting through a pile of dirty laundry and actually finding something?

But one more mystery remains. I know that I hung those suits on the line and did not take them off. J. didn't even know they were there, so it wasn't him either. That means one of the children in the house, took them off the line and put them in the laundry. An act which each and every one claimed to not have done when the initial search took place. It would probably be too much to hope that we have discovered laundry that actually takes itself to the washing machine.

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