Home again, home again

J., B., and M. all made it home safe and sound this past weekend and a good time was had by all at their various destinations. Those of us at home survived the week remarkably well, in no small part due to the help of my parents. My inner sheepdog is content.

We are still in summer vacation mode here, though some of the older children have continued to work on various math curriculum's. We won't 'officially' start our school routine until after Labor Day. But as much as I hate to say good-bye to summer, I'm finding myself having to think about the school year. There is music for the children's choir to choose, schedules for our family to rework, unit studies to think about, and a history co-op to plan. (Though like last year, we have yet to have our feast to celebrate our study of the middle ages. We're hoping to get to it in early September.) I can't believe I will have two high schoolers this year: M. will be a Jr. and B. will be a Freshman. The others are all still in grade school: A. in 6th, P. in 4th, TM and D. in 1st and K. will get to do a little preschool stuff.

But, this is really just planning. For our day to day living, it's most definitely summer...we have a vacation coming up, more trips to the beach, long days of doing nothing but reading, having lots of unscheduled time...structure can wait for another month.


Anonymous said…
I was doing similar mental exercises today... putting all the back-to-school stuff on the calendar, thinking about how soon fall will be here... and then reminding myself we still have 4 weeks left and two more roadtrips! The "unstructured" time just never lasts long enough for me...

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