Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Back to the paperwork

Now that I'm not pregnant and am starting to function again, I can start to work on K.'s readoption. I had wanted to do it earlier...perhaps before the girls were born. But by the time I had saved the money, I realized there was no way I could manage to get myself down to the courthouse in Chicago. It would have involved too much walking. So now we'll be going with two babies in tow instead.

I've spent some time gathering the adoption documents the lawyer needs and will fax them to her today. (Am I the only one who is paranoid about these documents? I have them tucked away in a fire proof safe which no one else opens, but yet every so often I feel compelled to look at them just to make sure they are all still there. As if in the dead of night the papers will hatch an escape plan and disappear.) Of course all the documents were there where I left them. It will be a relief to get this step done. Then all that is left is K.'s US passport and to change his name on his social security card. I tell you, in the hospital, when I was filling out the birth certificate forms for the girls, I wanted to go up and down the hall telling all the mothers how much they should appreciate the little box which asks if you want your new baby to have a social security card. How easy can it be? No waiting in line at the social security office, no arguing with the employee about whether you have the correct documents or not, no having to change the name on the card once you do have it....

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LawMommy said...

I am paranoid about keeping track of Lana's documents and, because I handle readoption cases for clients, doubly paranoid about my client's documents, because in my county, the actual orignal documents have to be presented to the Judge (he hands them right back and keeps copies) - so there have been times when I have had original Chinese or Russian adoption paperwork in my office for several days. I always worry that my 22 story building will catch on fire overnight or something equally awful.

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