Would her midwife/doctor approve?!

Dear readers, you've heard from E how incredibly pregnant, uncomfortable, and bored she's been. Today, though, the boredom got the upper hand, and E decided that since she wasn't actually in labor, she might as well go spend the day in Naperville at the ICHE (Ill. Christian Home Educators) conference. What the heck. After all, she can sit and listen there about as comfortably as she can sit around the house... and it's something different... and maybe walking around the vendor's hall will bring on labor!

So, if you happen to see a very, very pregnant woman in Naperville, remind her to put her feet up.


Gerrie said…
Yay for you Elizabeth,
Hope the change of place puts things in motion.
Carol said…
Sounds like a great way to beat the boredom. I went to the PA one in May and it was great! Have fun!

Mrs. Levy said…
Happy Birthday! We've quite obsessively checked in here a few times today, hoping for news. But they'll come on their own time I suppose. We're thinking about you and wish you a healthy and speedy delivery very very soon!
LawMommy said…

Are you okay?

Anonymous said…
You should put a counter on your blog. If anyone is like me, I check daily to see if anything has happened.
Kim Crawford
thecurryseven said…
This is M.
Just stopping by to say that there has been no change on the baby front. we will update as soon as anything happens!

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