We're all home

(G. in pink and L. in green. They just won't stay awake, no matter what...at least during daylight hours.)

On Thursday, the babies and I were finally discharged and thankfully came home leaving the small four walls and the constant pokings and proddings of the hospital behind. For those of you knowledgeable about such things, you will wonder at my spending three nights in the hospital and not the normal two (or less). In his previous postings, J. left out the 'excitement' which occurred after the twins' arrival, in which I started to hemorrhage, requiring an hour long procedure, the details of which, thanks to the narcotics they gave me, I remain blissfully unaware. I received one unit of blood in the recovery room where I spent the next 6 hours, floating in and out of conciousness thanks to a second dose of a different narcotic. I finally met my new daughters about 7 hours after they were born. (J. promises me that he brought them over to me so I could see them, but I have absolutely no memory of him doing so.)

Due to all the intervention after the birth, I was slow to getting on my feet again. Then it was discovered my blood counts were remaining too low and on Wednesday afternoon I received two more units of blood. Though by this time, I was feeling quite a bit better. All of this has made for a much slower recovery than I have ever had. It is very frustrating because I am really ready to be up and doing things, but my doctor insisted I take it easy this week and not do anything other than nurse babies. Recovering from carrying full term twins is more difficult, just like the pregnancy was. Though I suppose I have to face the fact that being 43 has something to do with it as well.

In other family news, today is D.'s birthday. He is turning 6 and is so excited by it. He was up at 12:30 this morning asking if it was time to get up yet. We will celebrate his birthday tonight, having strawberry pie (made by M.) instead of the more traditional cake. (It's a male Curry-thing...cake just isn't a favorite.) We will all be together for about 20 hours. A. and P. came home from church camp this afternoon and B. leaves for scout camp at the crack of dawn tomorrow. We will also continue with our month of celebrations. Tomorrow is J.'s birthday and the day after that is our anniversary. (We'll be celebrating 18 years together.) Somehow celebrating Father's Day just doesn't make the cut. I just hand J. the most recent baby and say, "Happy Father's Day!"


They are beautiful! I can't believe you carried full term twins! Oh my goodness! You are a STRONG woman! LOL!
Welcome home!
robandchristel said…
Happy father's day J!!!! What a gift!!
Anonymous said…
Those girls are beautiful gifts from God! I am so glad that E is doing better. And yes, it is okay to "just" nurse. You have had a long road and need to recover.
I am sure your children and hubby are being ever so helpful.
That is my one "fear" about having more children. I may never get to hold them due to the other hands!
Kim Crawford
Jason said…
Yay for Birthday pie!
lisa p said…
Hey Currys! Congratulations! I actually was in Evanston today, and drove down your street--pleased to see the lovely pink sign in the window. I couldn't wait to come home and check your blog. You are surely blessed with such a wonderful clan!

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