I am a freak of nature

OK, so maybe not really, but I feel like one. Evidently it is a fairly rare thing to get to 39 weeks while carrying twins. At least that's how it seems by the amount of discussion I generate every time I go to the doctor's office.

As you may have assumed, I am still pregnant. A week and a half ago the babies were measuring at ~7 1/2 pounds, so I'm not even thinking about what size they must be now. Today, I was at the hospital so they could check amniotic fluid levels (good), placental health (good), and to have a non-stress test. Both baby's heartbeats are normal and behaving exactly as they should be. "Textbook perfect" is the term the nurse used. I also discovered that I have been having contractions (according to the non-stress test monitor), but I'm just not feeling them. So, while I am relieved that the babies look good, I am still in limbo as to when they are going to be born. The OB keeps mentioning that he will induce me any time I want him to, and I tell him exactly what I think of Pitocin. (I think 'spawn of the devil' was the phrase I used.) If either of the babies seemed to be in distress, I would of course agree to it. But the babies look healthy and my boredom doesn't really outweigh the horribleness of Pitocin induced contractions.

A. and P. are really, really hoping I have the babies in the next 24 hours. They leave to go to church camp for a week on Sunday and want to see the babies and not have to wait. That time frame would be fine with me as well.

In the meantime, I will continue to sit around and watch my ankles swell. Never in my wildest dreams did I think that I would get so close to my due date. Everything I've read about twins focuses on pre-term labor...avoiding it, what to do if it happens, the effects on the babies, etc. Not once have I read what to do when you go to term and are completely miserable and uncomfortable. You know, useful information such as how to get into bed without feeling as though one has competed in Olympic level competition. I tell you, abdominal muscles do so much. I really miss them.


Anonymous said…
Stop your fuss and whining, and we want to see a picture of you!(That was my dear husband's comment)
We do have to say that we got a kick out of your post. I remember feeling like a freak of nature with my first who was born 17 days "late". I too went through the questions, the, "How could your doctor let you go that long?, etc. I am glad to see the babies are doing well. I would say that they are easier to care for on the inside, but at this point, that is debatable!
Wishing you a soon and quick labor,
Kim Crawford
robandchristel said…
WOW! This is really incredible! Our hearts go out to you. Your endurance (not that you have a choice)and patience are inspiring! We are praying for you!!
Mairs said…
Tooooo funny. Glad to see your sense of humor intact. I feel that way when I go almost to term with all of mine (probably will with this number 7 birth too...I'm always getting asked how early I deliver considering I've had *so many*) and I just have singles - can't imagine twins!! At least by the time you can see your ankles again they will be a bit more normal looking!
Joanne said…
Good Luck E! I keep checking to see if you've had your babies ... been reading your blog since TM's adoption.
Joanne in Ontario

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