Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Don't get excited...

because no, I haven't had these babies yet. I haven't posted anything because there isn't anything to post. That is, unless my handful of readers really want to slog through daily detailed accounts of my day. It might go something like this: Wake up, decide if the sciatic pain of sitting up is going to be less than the sciatic pain of lying down. Go downstairs (slowly) and drink a couple of large glasses of very cold water while sitting in a chair. (Here's an interesting aside: did you know that craving very cold things is a sign of low iron? I'm already taking iron supplements, but I could probably use more.) Either go right back upstairs (slowly) and get dressed before my blood pressure plummets or sit in the chair, wait for my blood pressure to plummet, recover, and then get dressed. Encourage everyone to work on their schoolwork. Fall asleep in chair, waking briefly either when asked a question or when children run screaming through the room. Tell children to fix themselves some lunch and not to forget to give K. something. Either fix myself something to eat or convince an older child to go get me a hamburger. (It's the red meat/iron thing.) Encourage children to do chores/entertain themselves/play nicely/do yet more chemistry. Check email and blogs while sitting in a different chair. Move to first chair and fall asleep. Wake up, realize it's nice outside, shoo everyone out and sit outside in a chair. Come back in, look at what I've planned for dinner, try to think which child is in line to make dinner, and get them started. Direct the making of dinner from sitting in the chair. Wait for J. to get home. Eat dinner. Go back upstairs (slowly) and read to A. and P. while J. takes care of K. and then reads to the little boys. Go back downstairs (slowly) and hope we have a movie from Netflix here that I want to see. Watch movie. Wish it wasn't time to go to bed, but get ready for bed anyway. Sometimes I'm able to fall asleep, other times I just can't, so I go back downstairs (slowly) and see what there is to see on Netflix instant view. Watch some mediocre TV show (or 2) from my childhood, go back upstairs (slowly) and go to bed. Repeat.

See, be glad I don't post this everyday. Myself, I'm rather tired of the routine. If I could focus on anything I would read a book, or knit, or finish a cross stich project I've been working on. It's all beginning to drive me a bit nuts. In normal life I just don't sit around that much. I like to do things, cross things off to do lists, keep an eye on what the three year old is doing. When I'm sitting down I often wonder why I just don't stand up and do something. And then I stand up...and sit back down, remembering why I was sitting in the first place. Cleaning bathrooms (my least favorite household chore) is even starting to sound good to me now.

One bright spot: as a shower gift, a friend of mine gave me some money with which to get more prints made for our photo albums. I have been able to make use of my sitting by uploading pictures to have prints made. I have half of them here now and can start putting them into albums. This is something my addled brain can handle and has given me something to do. (Thank you, E.! You really don't have any idea how much I appreciate it.) By the end of the week I might be almost through the year 2007.


Ira L said...

I found the post interesting. I would have liked to know which movies you watched. I can't ever find anything good on the Netflix streaming service. I usually go to hulu when I am desperate for something good to watch.

Stevens Family said...

Awe, hang in there Mama, it's almost time. I can't imagine how difficult these last few weeks must be. Glad you have so many helping hands around too. Take care.

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