Friday, April 10, 2009

Still here, still pregnant, still the size of a small country

My head cold was short lived, but then proceeded to make the rounds of several children. I'm hoping by tomorrow everyone will be well again, but D. was sounding suspiciously 'froggy' this afternoon. I also survived the 3-hour glucose test. It was not a pleasant experience. I'm assuming I passed since no one has called me with an urgent message to change my diet. On Sunday, I will be 30 weeks along. That gives me ~8 more weeks to go. I have a bad feeling that the next 8 weeks could be the longest part of the pregnancy since recently I have begun to feel that I will never be comfortable again.

It has also become increasingly difficult to go out. Not because I can't walk for long distances or because vehicles are harder to get in and out of, but because of people's comments. I realize that I'm large and look as though I could possibly give birth at any second, but that doesn't mean I need people to tell me that. The comment I hear most these days starts out as the question, "So, when are you due?" My reply is not for a while, which always brings the comment, "Oh, you must be having twins." But what if I wasn't? What if I just happened to be someone who carried large (which I do, by the way)? When I'm in a more normal frame of mind, people's comments don't really bother me, which is a good thing since my family, for various reasons, often invites comments. But there's something about all the pregnancy hormones swirling around my body that makes it difficult for me to brush aside pregnancy comments. I can't guarantee that the next time I won't just burst into tears. J. says I should just answer, "Due for what?", but I'm not sure I have the fortitude to do that just now.

I am so grateful for these two babies I'm carrying. I try to focus on what all this discomfort is for, but sometimes I'm not always successful. Everyone remains excited about adding two little sisters to our family, though some family members are still a bit confused about how the whole thing works. Make that one family member actually...TM. At first, if he saw pictures of two babies on the computer (when I was doing research), he would excitedly ask if they were our babies. Since K. was the last one to be added to our family, in TM's world, we can see a picture of a new brother or sister beforehand. It took him a while to understand we wouldn't be able to see pictures before the babies were born. The most recent funny thing was when I was leaving for the glucose test which took place in the hospital. J. was telling him I was going to the hospital for a long appointment about the babies, so TM's response was to excitedly ask if I was then going to bring the babies home so he could see them. K. understands as much as a 3 year old can. He likes to point to my stomach and say, "babies", though I'm pretty sure he doesn't think there are any real babies. It's just another one of those odd things we do that he hasn't quite figured out the purpose of.


Cuppa Jo said...

Here's a comment for you. When I was pregnant with Harper, a mother of one of my acting students said, "Oh, you must be having a girl. Girl's ZAP YOUR BEAUTY."


I wanted to respond with, "Oh? Well it is so exciting that you are carrying TWIN GIRLS!"

I didn't.

Slow to speak.

Anonymous said...

Why oh why do people feel the need to say the most obnoxious things just when women are the least able to hear them? I'm sure you are BEAUTIFUL - truly what can be more beautiful than a woman who is actively participating in a double miracle??
Praying your last 8 weeks are smooth and comfortable (as possible!) and that God will bless those you meet with the wisdom to think before they speak!

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