Quick update

Thanks for everyone's concern about the placenta previa. I saw my midwife today and she also consulted with the OB she works under. Right now things seem to be stable and there is still the outside chance that it could resolve itself, though I'm not counting on it. I have my list of warning signs that I'm to call about immediately and I will be taking it easy...because, really, that's all I can manage anyway. If I continue with everything as it is, the OB will probably schedule a c-section at week 37. I'm at week 31 this weekend, so that's 6 more weeks. I'm also going to be trying some sleep medication that's safe during pregnancy in the hope that I can get more than 4 hours of sleep a night. I'll see the OB and have another ultrasound in two more weeks.

It's good that things are winding down around here. My last big event is the musical that my children's choir will be performing on the 26th. It does require some exertion, but I can do most everything I need to sitting down. Then on the 27th, tech week begins for M. and B. (and J.) for the production of Our Town they are in. In a pinch, they can ride their bikes to rehearsals. The performances for that are May 1,2, and 3. Immediately afterward, A. and P. begin their tech week for the scenes from Shakespeare they are involved in. We have many friends who are also involved, so finding rides for them should be easy. Performances for that show are May 8 and 9. (Anyone in the area who is interested in seeing either show, let me know and I will give you details.) The schedule is a bit nuts, but at least I always am left with some helpful children around the house. We also have our history co-op feast at the end of May, but I've already let people know that costumes are not something I can do this time around. M. and A. both sew...maybe they will become inspired.


Mrs. Levy said…
Thanks for the update, Elizabeth. It sounds like it will be hard for you to really rest with all the activities around you, but I trust you will find a way to if you need to! The bed rest order for me was very hard to accept but critical. Hang in there and let me know if you want to chat with someone who's been there. Alison

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