Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Last hurdle

Today was the last day that the children's choir, which I direct, met. They performed their end-of-the-year musical last Sunday and today we did a reprise of the music at a local retirement home. This is the one big volunteer activity which I do, and even when I'm not pregnant, I come home on Wednesdays all worn out. Long about March I was wondering how on earth I was going to be able to finish the year. But I made it! The musical, despite the roughest dress rehearsal I've ever had, went well and several people told me they thought it was the best one we've done. I guess pregnancy is affecting me in odd ways, because though I thought it went well, I'm not sure it was the best one. I feel rather detached about it in some ways. This was the last big thing I had to do before I could just rest and concentrate on staying pregnant until week 37.

There was that other list I mentioned a while back, too. I may be as far with that as I'm going to get. I've completed TM's life book, I've done the three presentations, and I've sorted and stored outgrown clothes. For the last one most of the credit goes to A., P., and P10 (from when the P. family was staying here). Those three girls worked their tails off. We went through and tried on every piece of clothing the three youngest boys own. The outgrown stuff was boxed up and then new clothes were brought up from the basement and put away. I truly couldn't have done it all without those girls' help. A. and P. did their own clothes and all that's left is to move the three boxes to the basement. A. even boxed up B.'s outgrown clothes for me. It's a great relief to have it all done.

The one thing I haven't completed is catching the photo albums up to date. It turns out I was three years behind when I got everything out and started to work on it. Now I'm just over two years behind. The prints I have stop at just about the same time we bought a digital camera. Evidently for the past two years I haven't been very diligent about getting prints made of our digital photos. Now I'm faced with the process (and cost!) of having two year's worth of prints made in order to put them into the albums. I'm just not sure that's going to happen in the next month. If I had the prints it would be very easy to catch up...I don't do anything fancy, just mount the photos on the page and label...but I don't. It's too bad, really, because that is something I can actually do right now since I can do it while sitting down.

Tomorrow is yet another ultrasound. We'll be able to see what the previa is doing and how much more weight these girls have gained. I could have just 4 1/2 more weeks to go!

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