M. turned 16

and I'm not entirely sure how it happened. It seems as if it was just last week when she was a baby and just yesterday when she was 2 years old and reciting A. A. Milne's poem, Lines and Squares. Though when she recited it, all the l's were pronounced as y's, so it sounded more like 'yines and squares'. (And yes, having a 2 year old who could recite mulit-stanza poems did slightly warp my expectations for the following child...poor B.)

But now she is a lovely young lady, who is confident, intelligent, and very mature for her years (and can pronounce the letter 'l'). So, I suppose it shouldn't surprise me that she is 16, since she has been 30 for so long. For a 'practice child' I think she has turned out pretty well.

So, happy birthday to my darling daughter who has forever changed my life and the one who made me a mother.


Cuppa Jo said…
Ahhh! happy birthday, Maggie!
LawMommy said…
Wow, she looks a lot like her mother! And very lovely. Happy Birthday M!
Stevens Family said…
Wow, they have M. & A. have very close birthdays; how cool! Happy birthday to your sweet birthday girls.

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