Happy Birthday, A!

Today A. turns 11 years old. She is bright, cheerful, funny, and very giggly. A. is also well on her way to turning into a young adult. The past several months she has been incredibly helpful...making dinner and all of our granola, helping to take care of her younger brothers, and she is the only one who can remember which piece of clothing belongs to which person. We receive a lot of hand-me-downs (for which I'm exceedingly grateful), but sometimes none of us can remember to whom the 'new' piece of clothing belongs...except A.. She has a remarkable memory, especially when it comes to clothing. In short, A. is a delight and life is much duller here when she is not around.

This is also one of our two months of cake. Except for P. and TM., who have birthdays off in the fall, all the rest of our birthdays and anniversaries occur in the months of March and June. And assuming I last until 37 or 38 weeks with these two babies, the new little girls will have June birthdays as well.

A. (on left) and P. -- taken spring '06

A., taken spring '07 (Sorry you have to turn your head, I didn't realize the orientation was wrong.)

A., taken last night, while she was opening her presents.


Anonymous said…
Happy Birthday A!! 11 is a big year... hope you enjoy it!

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