According to Ann at Crazy for Kids, I'm fabulous. (Thanks, Ann!) This is particularly nice right now since 'fabulous' is certainly not how I would describe myself at this particular moment. Here are the rules for this award:1. Pass it on to 5 fabulous blogs, and include the one that gave it to you (and link them) 2. List 5 of your fabulous addictions.

First, to fulfill rule #1...here are five blogs which I read everyday, some I think everyone must read judging from the double and triple digit number of comments which appear on them and some are less widely known. In no particular order:

1. His Hands, His Feet
2. One Thing
3. Pleasant View Schoolhouse
4. A Baker's Dozen: Daily Life in a Large Family
5. Making Home

Now to fulfill rule #2...five of my addictions. I will have to do a pregnant/non-pregnant list since some things that I love when I'm not pregnant, I really don't care for while pregnant.

Non-pregnant addictions:
1. Books and other reading matter. I am a compulsive reader and will plow through between 3-5 books a week depending on length and type. Keeping myself in reading material can prove to be tricky. It's a good thing we have a library nearby.
2. Coffee. First thing in the morning, usually followed by another two cups. Usually J., my next-to-perfect husband brings me my first cup while I'm still in bed.
3. Tea. A very large mug of good, black Irish tea about 3 o'clock in the afternoon.
4. Other people's blogs. I've decided that following other people's lives via their blogs...many of whom I've never met in real life...is the modern-day version of the soap opera.
5. Organization. I am a much happier person and a much better mother when I feel on top of things. Plus it's always easier to maintain systems than to have to keep digging out of chaos (which is what is happening right now).

Now to the pregnant addictions:
1. Books. This one will probably never change.
2. Blogs. I think it's because I can read them...the blogs that are mainly pictures don't hold my interest in the same way.
3. Beef. More than anything else, I've been craving beef this pregnancy. I just can't eat enough of it.
4 & 5. Sleep. I can't help myself; I sit down and I doze off. I realize my body is working very hard even when I'm just sitting down, but it's hard to shake the "I'm a slug" feeling I have these days.


LawMommy said…

You are SO NOT a slug. Seriously. You are growing TWO human beings inside your body. Who else in your house can say they are accomplishing that miraculous feat right now? I daresay, not a one. So, you go ahead and sleep all you want. Seriously. I'm exhausted and I only have two kiddos and neither of them is currently tap-dancing on my bladder.

Cuppa Jo said…
WHY am I only finding out NOW how very alike we are? Books, Coffee (and the husband who delivers it bedside), blogs, beef - the letter "b".

Seriously, WHY NOW?????? Grrrrr.
Ann said…
I am so excited to be reunited with an old "friend" through your blog link!--Renee!

I "met" Renee through Above Rubies mag--then met her for real, in real life, at a conference. I used to send her our best hand-me-downs and can't wait to catch up with her. Thanks!

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