Friday, January 23, 2009

I thought it might come in handy....

but this isn't quite what I had in mind when we added the potty bucket to the piles of stuff we packed home from Vietnam.

As you can see it is duct taped to one of the windows of the little boys' room. Yesterday, the temperature rose to above freezing for the first time in many, many days. Evidently our poor old roof just can't handle the ice and snow we've had and has developed another leak. I was in the middle of a planning meeting with the mothers from our history co-op when a couple of distraught little boys came running in to say yellow water was coming from their ceiling. Being in the middle of a meeting, I sent some older girls up with towels to see what they could do. They were quite resourceful as the picture shows. But even catching the water didn't appease the boys. Finally I said to D that it was fine, it was just melting water from the roof coming into the house. Immediately, D's face brightened and he went running off to inform the others. This is what happens when you have lived with raccoons in your ceiling for too long. If you were a little boy, what would you think? Yellow-ish water, coming down directly from the place you remember hearing raccoons, it's not raining outside....

We're back to freezing temperatures so I can play ostrich about the roof a little while longer. What most annoys me at the moment is that all of K's CLEAN clothes were in a laundry basket UNDER the leak waiting to be put away, so back down to the basement they went.

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