Evidently eight isn't enough

As you can probably guess by my prolific posting this past month, I have been feeling fairly rotten. This pregnancy has seemed one of the worst as far as energy levels and general yuckiness. I had been chalking it up to that advanced-maternal-age-thing, but now I have a much, much better reason to explain why this pregnancy has seemed more difficult. Yesterday I went to have my first midwife appointment and when she couldn't find a heartbeat with the hand-held ???, (I'm realizing I have no idea what the thing is called that is used to listen to fetal heartbeats) she suggested we go down the hall and use the ultrasound machine. So we did.

Without too much effort she found the baby and saw it move, but didn't see the heart right away, so kept trying to see it. And while she did find the heart, she also found something else...another baby with another beating heart! Yes... twins. (Which means we are going from 7 children directly to 9, skipping the stop at 8.) They are still so small that we could see both babies on the screen at the same time, so not much doubt about the number. I am feeling remarkably at peace with the whole thing and feel so incredibly blessed. (Now, if I stop and think about the sheer logistics involved with two babies, I start to feel a bit overwhelmed, so I don't go there.) The children are thrilled. A. announced, with a bit of relief in her voice, "Good! Now there will be a baby for M. and a baby for me." J. and I have decided to split with tradition and find out the sex of the babies this time around. Having two seems enough surprise at this point. Plus, if we don't need to come up with two boys' names, we don't really want to. (Picking boy's names has been notoriously difficult for us...that could have played a small part in our decision to use Vietnamese names for T.M. and K.)

God is good. Now, if there was some type of lottery I could enter to win a lifetime supply of diapers... or ???


Valorie Leonard said…
Congratulations....Double Blessings!!!!
Oh my goodness! When you announced you were pregnant, "twins" popped right into my mind! ... looks like the Holy Spirit put that word there! LOL! CONGRATULATIONS!!! When is your due date?!
I pray that you start feeling better asap and that you're able to fully enjoy this miracle!
Love you,
Jess and Joe said…
Wow! What wonderful news! Congratulations!
Leslie & Shaune said…
congratulations! how exciting.
you are so blessed.
LawMommy said…
Wow. Congratulations. What an amazing blessing. (And it's nice that your two oldest can each have a baby to help out with!) Are you going to try to nurse twins?

Carol said…
Wow, Congratulations!!! I somehow missed your last post or I would have said it sooner! Now double the blessings!

maxhelcal said…
YIKES! Talk about a big surprise! I haven't been keeping up on the blog. so just discovering you are pregnant was a woser but TWINS!!!! So happy for you Elizabeth!
maxhelcal said…
I meant WOWZER!
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh! I know you wanted to tell the Ill gov't were they could put it, but I didn't think you'd go this far! Talk about proving a point! :)

I still remember your post from WAY back titled "Why 7 are easier than 2 or 3." It just stuck in my head, 'cause I think 3 is pretty hard! Do you think you'll ever write "Why 9 is easier than 2 or 3"?
Emily said…
I just found your blog, congratulations! We also live in IL and have 7 children (we are adopting our 8th child). God Bless!
Stevens Family said…
OMGness!!! I didn't know you were expecting. That is awesome!! Congratulations on TWINS. I know you have lots of eager helping hands. Very cool!
Annette said…
Congratulations! We are so excited for you! We hope you feel better soon.

Annette & Dustin
Ann said…
Uhhhh. . . Elizabeth, maybe I should go into the palm reading field?
Look back at my comments from when you announced being pregnant--I said I thought you should go ahead and pop out twins!!! LOL! Now, if it's IS a boy and a girl you can either put me on a pedestal or hit me with a pregnancy kit--your choice!
AWESOME!! With your older kids help and incredible organization skills it will be smooth sailing!
Duda Family said…
Wow!!! What a miracle and blessing! Double happiness! Congratulations - we are thrilled for your family! Hope you start feeling much better soon. I suspect carrying twins is no fun, even without advanced maternal age!:) You go girl!! Love, the Duda family - Mary Li, Jim, Marshall and Lily
Anonymous said…
Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, OH MY GOSH!!! Congratulations!!! What wonderful, exciting, scary, wonderful, blessed news!!
Anonymous said…
Elizabeth, I'm not worried about you at all. If anyone can do, you can. The handheld thing is called a Doppler.

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