I suppose this makes me feel better

I'm afraid this is going to be a continuation of my 'obsessed with [the lack of] money' theme that's been going on here the last week or so. In my effort to find tasty yet cheap recipes to feed my family, I came across the USDA's chart of the current cost of food. According to that chart, on the frugal budget, our family of 9 should be spending ~$1068 per month on food. That's over $200 a week! Well, thankfully, we don't come close to that (and that's including cleaning supplies, diapers, bulk orders, etc.) While I'm happy that it appears I am doing a good job of keeping our monthly costs down, it also depresses me a bit. It seems that my dream of averaging just $100 per week on grocery costs may be more of a pipe dream than I had thought. It's a good thing that nearly everyone likes beans...in fact, K loves them. It's poor TM who eats them grudgingly; they are not his favorite food. Although, by the time we are out of this particular season of life, he may have developed a taste for them.


thecurryseven said…
"...this season in life..." -- and that, my dearheart, is what we need to keep reminding each other. It's just one season of many!

Ann said…
I'm impressed with that grocery bill girl!!!

Another book you might enjoy from that library 1 block away (I know, jealousy is a sin but I can't help it!)

The Tightwad Gazette books by Dacyczyn

Dated and some ideas "out there" but a good resource for ideas, simplifying and saving bucks!

LawMommy said…
I second Ann's suggestion about the Tightwad Gazette.

I am the oldest of six kids, and I do remember going through a couple extremely lean times with my parents, and a lot of beans. (At one point, being a really overly dramatic pre-teen, I pulled a Scarlet O'Hara and announced to my mother, "As God as my witness I will never eat beans again!" (Did I mention the overly dramatic part?)) It took several years into my adulthood until I could really enjoy eating beans again, and to this day, eating/seeing/smelling bean soup makes me worry about money...

Hang in there.

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