Pre- and Post-Dinner Entertainment

We've been eating dinner outside quite a bit since the weather has been nice and all too soon it won't be. On the spur of the moment, while we were outside getting things ready, J and I decided to buzz K's hair. It was too long (he was starting to receive "Oh what a cute girl" comments) and he sweats so much that he just always looked hot. So here are the results of J's efforts: We then enjoyed a pleasant dinner together. As we were finishing, D looks up and announces, "I see two skunks!" We turn around and he was right. Two skunks were ambling around our back yard having their own dinner. Not wanting to startle the skunks, we had everyone sit quietly (not easy for some of us), while we watched them...and took pictures. Eventually, the floor show ended and the skunks went under the fence into the parking lot next door. We have seen quite a few skunks in the past couple of days, and as long as they don't take up residence in our home I'm OK with it....though I will probably call the city and mention it to them. I figure skunk management is an acceptable use of our tax dollars.


voda pal said…
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stock report said…
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Anonymous said…
Kiet looks great!
StaceynCorey said…
Wow, growing like weeds! Autumn is much taller than most kids her age. Love K's new haircut. He's such a cute boy :)

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