Saturday, August 16, 2008

I love a productive day

(Welcome Kelly's Korner readers.  This is our third floor playroom.  If you want to see what laundry for 11 looks like, head here.)

Most of the third floor of our house is a single large room that we use as a play room. Usually this works pretty well. Usually being the key word. If it has been too long between my trips up there, the amount of mess that can be created is somewhat staggering. Staggering describes the mess when we started renovation, so I'm not sure what to call it after renovation. Due to some of the new systems we installed, the worker-men needed access to the play room as well. That means the staggering mess was then pushed to the center of the room and had a plastic sheet draped over it. Come June, children started venturing upstairs again and would burrow under the pile, pull out what they wanted, play with it, and then just leave it strewn across the floor. It looked as though a tornado had passed through. For any of you who thought perhaps I had my act together in all aspects of my life, I'm including pictures of what it looked like BEFORE we cleaned it up. This will dispel any notion of togetherness you may have had.(Actually, this is after we had spent about an hour cleaning...I'm not sure which is more embarrassing.)

Here are the 'after' pictures. This is the result of 6+ of us working all day with just a break for lunch. Everyone is thrilled. The children feel as though it's Christmas: finding toys they had forgotten, having a space to play, not having their mother grouse about the mess upstairs...I'm thrilled because there's no mess upstairs and we gave away a huge pile of toys that were never played with. The most time consuming part of the cleaning up was collecting the millions of small pieces (Lego, Playmobile, K'Nex, cars, doll accessories, puzzle pieces, etc.) and returning them to their respective bins. It's one reason why I've kept much of the small pieces toys in quarantine. The rules are only one out at a time, and the previous one must be put completely away before a new one comes out. I know from previous experience that this level of order only last so home is a living example of entropy. But, boy, am I enjoying it while it lasts! (Oh, ignore the chipped floors. This is what happens when you buy your children scooter boards which are played with on painted surfaces. One of the new additions to this room is impact-grade Plexiglass over all the windows. We can still open them, but a child flying into one on a scooter board won't go though.)


His Hands His Feet Today said...

It looks GREAT!!!!!!!

Elaine said...

Oh, I am sooooo jealous of that amazing space.

The DG Family said...

What a great space!! Looks good.

~Jamie Kubeczka~ said...

How fun! That's a great playroom and I love all the space.

Edna said...

Wow! I'm envious of this, what a great space.

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