New look

So what do you think? (Just so you know, I love the new look, so the correct answer is, "Your blog looks terrific!") I can't take any credit, though. It all goes to my incredibly talented sister-in-law, Stefanie. She even made the big ugly house look good up there in the header. It looks almost charming in a line drawing. So if you need any design or web-stuff done, go take a look at her website:

Thanks, Stef!


Ann said…
Your blog looks terrific! I mean it! It really, really does. I have been wanting to redo mine for ages but I don't know how so I know it will be time consuming so I might have to hire someone! :-)

Happy blogging!
StaceynCorey said…
Love the new blog layout! Love the colors; very easy on the eyes but fun at the same time.
Anonymous said…
Really like the new look. It looks just like your home.
Anonymous said…
I love your new blog template!
Love the big beautiful house, too.
I'm jealous...your blog looks awesome!! I need a new look for mine!

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