Tuesday, July 01, 2008

The good news is that K has gained two pounds,

but we found this out when he was being weighed in the ER last night.

After dinner, he spiked a very high (>104) fever and turned very red. It was a very impressive imitation of a boiled lobster. We took him to the ER and after 6 hours there (where he was poked and prodded in every conceivable way), they transferred him to the children's hospital. J had the night shift, which included a ride in an ambulance, and I came home and slept. We switched for the day. K is doing better, but still, no one seems to know what's wrong. It seems to depend on the time of day and the team of doctors. The dermatologists seem to think it is a viral infection working its way out, but the infectious disease doctors are leaning toward a form of super scabies. (That one makes me itch just to think about it.) I suggested to the nurse before I came home tonight that maybe, some time soon, all these doctors might just want to discuss it amongst themselves and pick one. I'm sorry to say the nurse didn't laugh when I suggested they do a coin toss.

It's late and I'm tired and going up to bed. I'll post an update once the doctors get around to sorting it out.


His Hands His Feet Today said...

Oh no! Praying him healed completely in the name of Jesus!
Keep us posted,

Christina said...

Oh poor K! Praying the doctors get this figured out, and fast!

Nicki said...

Oh no! Poor K! I really hope they DO actually talk and come to some consensus so you can get that boy home!!

Ann said...

Is it possible he had some terrible allergic reaction? I know most people don't think a fever can be a sign but it actually is for some kids--like my son. He also breaks out in a rash that is kind of like hives, kind of like eczema but different than anything any doctor has ever seen and it takes several days to disappear. This is all from certain foods he is allergic to. His cheeks will turn extrememly red and so will his extremities. As I said, he will often spike a high fever with it. All doctors are saying they've never seen allergy reactions like his but it's definitely what it is having BTDT many times!

Also, Asian kids run higher fevers then Caucasian kids. As high as 106 with two of our friends. I've seen 105 in mine. I didn't believe it was true but have been told this so many times and seen so many friends with Asian kids experience it, is does seem to be true.

Just a thought . . . in the meantime, we are praying for Kiet and for all of you.

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