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I had some nice pictures of the new kitchen to share. But, it seems that our camera has had something go seriously wrong. It was acting funny the last two days in Vietnam and now I know for sure. The pictures look fine on the camera's screen, but when I tried to upload them, the color was all off and whole sections of the picture didn't line up. I'm glad we hadn't taken anything truly important, although I am a bit sad that we don't have the pictures of the huge flowering trees (both purple and red) lining the edge of Hoan Kiem Lake. Maybe we'll try using M or B's camera this weekend.

In adoption news, we've started the rounds of all the doctors with K. Today was the pediatrician, complete with three shots, two vials of blood, and an X-ray. It's not my preferred way to spend a morning. I'm a bit disappointed that K still weighs-in at just 20 pounds, even after a month of us feeding him lots of food (including half-and-half with chocolate syrup). But he continues to be a funny, happy guy, even if his shorts do have a tendency to fall off his waist. Monday is the cleft team visit and we'll find out for sure if he ever had a cleft palate. The pediatrician thought it looked as though it had always been intact, so we'll see what the surgeon says.


StaceynCorey said…
Congratulations on the big move in to your new kitchen. I know it was very long awaited. Can't wait to see pictures :)

Ug, all those shots sure aren't fun. Good to get it behind you though.

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